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by Yevgeny MOROZOV, military observer The closing stage of the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany included the summer-autumn campaign of 1944 and the winter-spring campaign of 1945. On the Eastern Front the Soviet troops smashed t
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by Yaroslav RENKAS, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Yevgeny Multykh, Candidate of Historical Sciences Pages. 70 For years and years historians have been pondering over the Second World War and its outcome, the rout of Nazi Germany in 1945. Many new works
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by Yaroslav RENKAS, Cand. Sc. (Hist.) For all their merits and demerits, Joseph Stalin and Sir Winston Churchill shall always be alive in human memory as men who have played a signal part in history. Virtually mountains of books have been written about the
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by Vladimir KISELEV, Cand. Sc. (Military) Sixty years ago, on April 16 - May 8, 1945, the Soviet armed forces carried out a crucial strategic offensive, the Berlin Operation, which was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most blood-lett
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Despite the progress of science we still cannot safely predict the future of the global environment. Any such predictions-let alone the reliability of likely scenarios-are still questioned. And yet it is possible to make ecological forecasts and check on t
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W. MOMMSEN. Politische Geschichte von Bismarck zur Gegenwart. 1850 - 1933. Verlag Moris lesterweg. Frankfuhrt am Maine. 1935. 261s. В. МОМСЕН. Политическая история от Бисмарка до наших дней. 1850 - 1933. Франкфурт на Майне. 1935, стр. 261 В. Момсен н
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FRANZ GUNTHER, Der deutsche Bauernkrieg. Munchen und Berlin 1933, S. XIII + 494. ФРАНЦ ГЮНТЕР, Крестьянская война в Германии, 1933, стр. XIII + 4 - 494. Интерес фашистской публицистики и фашистских "историков" к крестьянскому вопросу, к крестьянским
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PAUL MULLER, Feldmarschall Furst Windischgratz. Revolution und Gegenrevolution in Oesterreich. Wilhelm Braumuller Universitats-Verlagsbechandlung. Wien-Leipzig 7934, 408 S. ПАУЛЬ МЮЛЛЕР, Фельдмаршал граф Виндишгрец. Революция и контрреволюция в Австрии.
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Hermann Kriebel, Uber die Bezwingung inneren Unruhcn nach den Erfaimmge re der Geschichte in der ersten Halfte des XIX Jahrhunderts, Universitats-Verlag Wagner Innsbruck; 1929. Hermann Kriebel, Feldmarschall Furst Windischgratz 1789 - 1862; 1929. Hug
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H. Spangenberg, Territorialwirtschaft und Stadtwirtschaft. Ein Beitrag zur Kritik der Wirtschaftsstufentheorie. Munchen und Berlin, 1932, S. 148. Х. Шпангенберг, Территориальное и городское хозяйство. Критика теории хозяйственных ступеней. Хорошо изв
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