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by Acad. Vladimir RUSANOV, Director, Institute of Hydrogen Energetics and Plasma Technologies, Russian Research Center KURCHATOVSKY INSTITUTE The traditional power engineering, based on diesel fuel, methane, gasoline, kerosene, etc. now has an alternative-
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by Alexei HERMAN, Dr. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral.), Geological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Studying samples of the fossil mid-Cretaceous flora (about 100 million years ago), paleobotanists seek to learn more about the climate of that distant geolo
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Rossiisky kosmos journal has carried an article by RAS Corresponding Member Lev Zelyony, director of the RAS Institute of Space Studies (ISS), with analysis of the results of a number of experiments on a near-Earth orbit and of processing the obtained info
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by Acad. Georgi GEORGIEV and Alexandr SOBOLEV, Dr. Sc. (Biol.), Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences The main problem of drug treatment of cancer using chemo-, radio, photodynamic therapy or other methods is in grave side effects from
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Snow-covered tops beyond the clouds, narrow rocky canyons, flowering fertile valleys, ancient burial mounds (kurgans), mysterious caves in which, according to legends, time itself stops running and anyone entering them is rejuvenated... The author tells us
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by Alexei KAZDYM, Cand. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral), Senior Research Associate, Institute of Geoecology, Russian Academy of Sciences Today most different scientists-geologists and ecologists, earth and soil scientists, geochemists and microbiologists - are c
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By Yevgeniya SIDOROVA, journalist Different visitors - from three-year old children with their parents to outstanding scientists - come to the State Darwin Museum, which is located in the south-west of the capital. All of them leave its hospitable walls
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by Lev GOLUBCHIKOV, Cand. Sc. (Phys. & Math.), Coordination Center "Controlled Fusion-International Projects", Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow; Nikolai RYKHLINSKY, Cand. Sc. (Phys. & Math.), Institute of Innovative Methods of
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by Tatiana ILYUSHINA, Cand. Sc. (Technol.), Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography Long before the Christian era savants of Phoenicia and ancient Egypt, and then of Greece and Rome studied and mapped terrestrial surface. Further progress of
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by Nikolai SEVASTYANOV, President and General Designer of the Energiya Aerospace Corporation, Korolev 100 years have passed since the birth of Acad. Sergei Korolev, a prominent scientist, founder of practical cosmonautics, legendary designer of rocket-s
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