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Hrsg. von Jan Foitzik. Paderborn; Munchen; Wien; Zurich, 2001. 393 S. Кризис десталинизации в Восточно-Центральной Европе. 1953-1956. С 17 июня до венгерского народного восстания. Политические, военные, социальные и национальные аспекты События 1953-1956 г
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N.Y., Columbia University Press, 1997, 286 p. (*) (?) 2000 В наших представлениях о современной Индии преобладает мнение, что это страна, добившаяся впечатляющих успехов в экономической, социальной и политической областях. Отсюда - привлекательность идей с
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Реформы Петра I выявили потребность в большом количестве образованных людей, поскольку именно такие люди были по-настоящему в них заинтересованы и могли активно участвовать в преобразовании страны. Одним из самых действенных средств просвещения в России
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American specialists on Ukrainian affairs are often confronted, when in Ukraine, with the contradictions of great power policy toward Ukraine. Why, we are asked, is Ukraine not treated equally to Russia? Why, for example, does the US ignore massive human r
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Russian scientists modeled mechanisms of sharp changes of the climate in the course of studies, carried out in the Atlantic Ocean. Natalya Bykova, a journalist, told about these works on the pages of an electronic version of Science and Technologies of Rus
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by Irina IVSHINA, laboratory head, Laboratory of Alkanotrophic Microorganisms, Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms (IEGM), Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Microbiology and Immunology Department, State Nation
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About 100 national and foreign specialists gathered in Krasnoyarsk in September 2011 to discuss the problem of protection of the Earth from different space objects. Galina Yakovleva, reporter of the Poisk newspaper, described the topics under consideration
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The 90th birth jubilee of one of our greats, Academician Andrei Sakharov (1921-1989), we marked in May of 2011. An outstanding physicist also prominent in politics, he is still an enigma to many. He is known as the "father" of the hydrogen bomb, the most d
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by Viktor MOLCHANOV, Dr. Sc. (Hist.), MS Department, Russian State Library, Moscow Russia's State Chancellor Rumyantsev (1754-1826) was at the beginning of the Russian State Library with its stock known far and wide. His collection was first mentioned i
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by Acad. Anatoly GRIGORYEV, RAS Vice-President, Research Supervisor, RAS Institute for Medico-Biological Problems (IMBP); Boris MORUKOV, Dr. Sc. (Med.), RF Pilot-Cosmonaut, IMBP Deputy Director for Research The Institute for Medico-Biological Problems (
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