Scientists of the RAS SB Institute of the Earth Crust have discovered a new mineral--chrome-aluminum-povondraite. The International Mineralogical Association registered it in October of 2013, which was reported in the Science in Siberia newspaper by the journalist Galina Kiselyova. Leonid Reznitsky, Cand. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral.), is an author of the discovery. He is in the list of discoverers of 14 out of 25 mineral species found and studied at the RAS SB Institute of the Earth Crust. These rare samples are exhibited at the Mineralogical Museum of the institute. "The samples occupy several shelves" noted Larisa Ivanova, Cand. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral.), supervisor of studies of the museum. "Many minerals were named in honor of prominent explorers of the Baikal area and Eastern Siberia." For instance, nataliite was named after the outstanding researcher of the Precambrian Nataliya Frolova, kalininite--in commemoration of the remarkable mineralogist Pavel Kalinin who made an invaluable contribution to mineralogical studies in the Southern Baikal area. The minerals like florensovite, odintsovite, tausonite, and pavlovskiite were named in honor of geologists Nikolai Florensov, Mikhail Odintsov, Lev Tauson, and Yevgeny Pavlovsky who were active participants of initiation and development of academic science in Eastern Siberia. Names of some other minerals are based on local geography, for example, olkhonskite discovered in the metamorphic rocks of the Western Baikal area, and olekminskite found in the Murunsky alkaline massif in the Western Aldan rich in unusual mineralogical associations. Among discoverers, Alexei Konev, Dr. Sc. (Geol. & Mineral.), plays one of the leading roles. In the Western Baikal area within the limits of Tazheransky alkaline massif, he discovered two new species--tazheranite and azoproite; their specimens are exhibited at the Mineralogical Museum. According to Ivanova, the first sample has a number of specific characteristics: it co ... Читать далее

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