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Light velocity or a sound is constant, relatively counter or passing driving of the observer. 
440 hertz, are a note of La of the first octave, we will allow amplitude = 1 centimeter. 
Acoustic speed = 330 meters per second / 440 hertz = 0,76 meter = 76 centimeters, 
it is a wavelength of a note of La. 
1 second / 440 hertz = 0,0022 seconds, this time of the period of a wave of a note of La of the first octave. 

The acoustic speed is defined by measurement of time of passing 
the beginnings of the first amplitude from a sound source to the registrar, 
if a sound the ideal sinusoid, further measurements are complicated. 
But, really the sound consists of a set of the changing overtones, 
all the time is born initial amplitude, 
therefore hearing constantly records driving and the direction of a sound. 

The sound wave consists of the first shock half-cycle, 
with a set of harmonicas and overtones, and the second fading half-cycle. 
Better the first in which molecules of air are directed is perceived 
towards driving of a sound on 38 centimeters, with a run of each molecule = 1 centimeter. 
The second half-cycle fading in which molecules of air come back 
on 1 centimeter in the opposite direction, at half wave length = 38 centimeters, 
is reproduced more weakly. 
Let the observer move towards a sound source, will overtake, 
and then moves incidentally with a sound. 
The Doppler effect, at first towards, time shock will be shown, 
counter half-cycle will decrease, an overtone of a sound will be raised. 
When overtakes, a normal sound. 
Then, at passing driving with a sound, the shock half-cycle will become running away, 
its time will increase, an overtone of a sound will become the under. 
At rather small speeds of land transport, time of half-cycles is redistributed, and time of the entire period, 
a wavelength of a sound of La, practically does not change. 
On the main sound, the frequency of overtones which have no noticeable periods changes. 

And if the observer moves with a speed of 660 meters per second, it is two acoustic speed. 
Everything will flash by quicker. If time of the period of a note of La = 0,0022 seconds, 
that now period time = 0,0011 seconds, but it is more narrow a note of La of the second octave, with a frequency of 880 hertz. 

As sound vibrations of molecules of air, irrespective of the direction of a sound, 
happen on one place, 1 centimeter back and forth, at oncoming or passing traffic, 
period time, the note of La of the second octave will equal to 0,0011 seconds, that is. 

What will be light velocity, concerning a rocket, 
which with very high speed will fly towards, 
or when in one direction with an electromagnetic wave of light. 
The earth moves with high speed around the Sun. 

Concerning light from other star, 
measured the speed when Earth moves towards, 
and when Earth moves in one direction with light from other star. 
Speed was invariable. 
Drew a conclusion, Light velocity, when driving a rocket in any party, it is constant. 

If a line of 150 000 000 kilometers from the Sun to Earth, absolutely solid, 
to push with light frequency, back and forth 
that pushes in the Sun will be reproduced almost instantly on Earth. 
And not one particle from the Sun to Earth, at all distance will not be transferred, 
everything will fluctuate in situ within length of amplitude of a longitudinal wave. 
If a ruler to push sluggishly, 1 centimeter a second, 
all atoms of this ruler will move with a small speed, 
but the start of motion from the Sun to Earth, will be transferred all the same instantly. 
Transfer rate of driving does not depend on wave frequency. 

Electromagnetic waves, it is magnetic and electric, these are longitudinal and transversal. 
Electromagnetic space not absolutely solid, 
in case of an electromagnetic wave, initial driving is transferred not instantly, 
and with a speed of 300000 kilometers per second. 
And when driving a rocket in any party, concerning the direction of light, 
when everything fluctuates in situ, the result will be identical. 

Practically it turns out what the electromagnetic wave of light has no speed? 
No what particle or photon can be transferred with an electromagnetic wave. 
Devices record only amplitude and time of the period of a light wave. 
Light velocity is defined by time of passing of the beginning of a beam 
from a source to a recorder, and after light velocity, 
the modern devices is not registered because it is absent. 
At a Doppler effect, the frequency of noise which in a base frequency considerably changes. 

Light velocity when driving a rocket in any party is constant, that is identical. 
Everything is correct, distribution environment particles, on all way of light, 
fluctuate in situ. And if the speed of a rocket is equal to two light speeds, 
that irrespective of the direction of flight, concerning a rocket, 
the period of a wave of red color will decrease twice, will become blue. 
And the former blue color, will pass into ultraviolet range. 
If the speed of a rocket is slightly less than light speed, 
there will be smaller shifts of flowers. 
As the shift of a range will occur on all range of electromagnetic waves, 
change can be not noticed? Only the Doppler effect will be noticeable.


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