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Electricity. NEW. 
Electric current this ordered driving of electrons? 
There passed electrons through a bulb. How heat and light turned out? 
The quantity of electrons did not decrease, atoms everything are serviceable. 
For the account, what energy warmly and light? 

Heard the desperate answer, due to friction of electrons about other atoms, 
because of the increased bulb spiral resistance, 
because in the section of a wire there are more than density of atoms. Section of a cold spiral is even less, 
in principle resistance has to be more, however at the time of inclusion there is a current throw. 
And only at a spiral warming up, current decreases, returns to normal. 
The conductor is colder, the conduction is better. 
And when cooling is lower minus-270 degrees, the section of the conductor the least, 
resistance has to be maximal, but all on the contrary, there comes the superconductivity. 

Atom in simple conditions not destroyed and what detail will not give. 
In planetary model of atom electrons are located layers around a core. 
In it there is no sense. There are no electrons in atom. 
Atom structure another. There is no photo. 
Valency is defined by the number of butt-joining mechanisms in atom. 

Electromagnetic particles, very much the complex structures. 
Electric particles, part of electromagnetic structure. 
Electric particles, also very much the complex structures. 
Electromagnetic, magnetic, electric, thermal is not particles. 
These are the very composite, interdependent, organisms which around us, in us 
we densely interact with them. New names, hypotheses are necessary.

The electromagnetic space consists of magnetic and electric particles, the mutually bound. The structure of communication is still unknown. 
Electric current in the conductor appears at its three-dimensional motion from electromagnetic particles, 
or when driving electromagnetic particles through the conductor. 
From electromagnetic space the conductor captures electric particles, these are not electrons.
Electric particles, moving in the conductor, are taken atoms, react. 
As a result of reaction thermal particles are formed. 
Thermal particles on density it is less, than electric, means on volume basis more. 
Inside explosion, emission of thermal particles. Extends as a cloud from particles, there is no wave. 
The cavity is free, capture of new electric particles, reaction, emission of thermal particles again. 
The pulse movements of electric particles at capture, 
cause fluctuations of electric space from electric particles, 
and the mutually bound magnetic particles. 
Generally, there are fluctuations of electromagnetic space 
from electric and magnetic particles, at frequencies of infrared and light wave band. 

In conductors with a valency of 1, the gap in atoms, and can between atoms, big, 
the majority of electric particles passes without reactions, safe and sound. 
These are good conductors. Copper, silver, gold, platinum. 
Conductors with a big valency, have a small gap in atoms, and can between atoms, 
the majority of electric particles enters reaction, larger losses, the poor conductors, 
but many thermal particles and a lot of light are developed. Tungsten threads in bulbs. 
Superconductivity. When cooling conductors minus 270 is lower, 
atoms of conductors, freeze, cease to take electric particles, there are no reactions. 
Electric particles pass through the conductor without loss, superconductivity. 
Electric current this ordered driving of electric particles, but not electrons. 

The translation from the Russian website 
part Electromagnetic waves.


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