I. A. ZARIPOV Candidate of Economic Sciences Advisor to the Executive Board of ZENIT Banking Group The first fifteen years of the twenty-first century were a period of instability and crises. Constant turbulence and volatility resulted in turmoil in financial markets; opposition to the dominant position, dictates, and political adventurism of the United States led to tensions in diplomatic relations, as well as to the regrouping of regional and global alliances, the emergence of "hot spots" and conflicts between countries, which further "feverish" markets. All this could not but push the scientific community and the expert community to reassess and rethink the existing economic and political models of building society, to develop and implement new, alternative, more stable and fair mechanisms for allocating resources and assets. "Islamic finance is not a silver bullet, but a gold mine." Baroness Saeeda Warsi, Deputy Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom (November 20, 2010) Almost the entire 20th century was a time of confrontation between capitalist and socialist methods of building society. As a result, socialism lost, destroying along with its ideology and its main stronghold and support - the USSR. But capitalism has also changed in the course of this competitive struggle. USING THE CAPITALIST ECONOMIC MODEL Supporters of a purely market approach have been replaced by social Democrats and "leftists" who support state regulation, even interference in market economic processes; workers have received more social guarantees, in many countries education and medicine have become virtually free -all this is considered an achievement of socialism. However, capitalism did not correct most of its negative factors, because if it replaced them, it would cease to be capitalism and become a different socio-political formation. Most religious people in the world have a sense of justice, and they cannot be completely happy if a significant part of the world's population is in ... Читать далее

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